Rise of the Young Asian Traveller

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The rapid emergence of Asian economies and the subsequent accompanying boom in travel has attracted the attention of the global travel and tourism community, as well as countless others. In recent years the sheer number of outbound travellers from Asian countries combined with their well-documented spending power has made an impact beyond Asia and the Pacific region, as destinations in all other regions race to understand the Asian traveller and adapt their products and services accordingly. 

The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller produced and published by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), explains how and why it is predominantly young people that are fuelling this growth. The full report includes data from a wide-ranging survey which drew nearly 3,000 responses from young people across Northeast and Southeast Asia, supported with insight from a variety of industry experts. 

In line with PATA’s ‘Next Gen’ strategy, The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller is intended to help tourism industry professionals around the world to understand the importance of engaging with young people, both as consumers and employees in the travel and tourism industry, and to give them an understanding of the power of the young Asian traveller to shape global travel and tourism in the years to come.



  • Why youth travel does not always mean ‘budget travel’ in Asia
  • What the leap to mobile technology will mean for travel providers across the region
  • How low cost carriers have capitalised so successfully on the youth market across the region
  • Why the most sophisticated tourism boards look to attract students as well as leisure travellers
  • Who exerts the biggest influence on young Asians’ travel decisions
  • Why it is important to start reaching the next generation of your brand’s consumers today


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