The 7 Deadly Sins of Innovation and How to Avoid Them

Helping travel & tourism business to solve the innovation puzzle
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As one of the few industries that bears the impact from many different forces, whether mother nature, economic fluctuations, evolving consumer preferences or the increasingly rivalry from competitors locally vs globally (including the arrival of new disruptors), those competing in the travel arena should be seriously thinking about what changes need to be made to their business model to cope with the imminent changes happening in all corners of the world.

Players in the industry need to become tougher and more resilient and seriously deploy innovation as one of the weapons in their arsenal.

The paper will:

  • outline the key trends and latest developments that are happening in and outside the industry;
  • use analogies to bring to life important lessons about the treacherous path of innovation;
  • explain each of the ‘sins’ and how this relates to innovation overall and the traps that exist; and
  • provide quick-fix ideas that can help any organisation get the best out of their innovation efforts.

Yes, we’re in an incredibly challenging time but after reading this paper, you will equally recognise that there are so many exciting opportunities and untapped ‘space’ ready and waiting for those brave enough to think differently, stick their neck out and dive in.